Tickets on sale now: New but old. Old but new.

Step into a world with the Ady Ensemble where the lines between the past and the present blur, as the ensemble embarks on a captivating musical journey. In this unique concert experience, the audience will be transported to a realm where timeless compositions intertwine with contemporary artistry.Join us for this extraordinary concert experience, where the

Come & be a member of Ady this Sunday!

Do you play violin, bass, or another of the orchestral strings? With Ady’s first orchestral session this Sunday, the 16th of April, we’ve decided to invite any interested string players to come along to join us, as we play through Bruckner’s 4th Symphony, to let you get a taste of what the ensemble is all

More from the Ady vault: Journey to the Centre

As we continue recruiting for more violins for our upcoming performance of Bruckner’s 4th Symphony, we thought that we’d continue looking through some of Ady’s previous projects & works. Here’s a work that was adapted for the ensemble, & originally performed back in 2016: Corrina Bonshek’s, “Journey to the Centre”. Like what you see? Want

Update: More violins please!

Ady is only a couple of weeks out from the start of its first project for 2023, & we’d like to thank everyone who contacted us during Violin Week, during which time we recruited for more violins. We’ve had a couple of vacancies come up in our violin sections since then, so we’re still calling

Introducing Helen Brereton – Violin

As Ady’s Violin Week recruiting continues (yes, we’re still taking applications for violins), we feature another member of the ensemble: Helen Brereton. Helen has been with Ady for five years now, joining us to be a part of our project to record of Corrina Bonshek’s, “Dreams of the Earth”, back in 2018, & since then

Introducing Elizabeth Simmers – Viola

Continuing with Ady’s “Violin Week” – our shoutout to violinists (& other strings) to come & join Ady for our next project, “New but old. Old but new” – which will include performing Bruckner’s 4th Symphony & Rachel Merton’s “Allegro for Strings” – we thought we would feature a member from another of our string

Cara Taggart, our Associate Principal 2nd Violin

Continuing with Violin Week, we’d like to introduce Cara, on Associate Principal 2nd Violin. Cara Taggart is an accomplished strings teacher and performer, with a Bachelor of Arts (Music) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Instrumental and Classroom Music), A.Mus.A in Violin & a Master’s of Music majoring instrumental pedagogy.  She has played with the

Violin Week: Concertmaster Helen Carvolth

As part of our Violin Week recruiting drive, we would like to reintroduce Helen Carvolth – one of our two Concertmasters for 2023 – & share a little bit more about some of Helen’s more recent activities. Helen had worked with Ady’s Le Grande Fromage in several other orchestras, including the Ipswich City Symphony, prior

Violin Week – fiddles come & join us!

And we’re back. Did you miss us? We decided to have a week off posting things & give ourselves a break. Nice to see you here again. We’re so keen for more violins for Ady’s next project, “New but old. Old but new” – featuring Rachel Merton’s, “Allegro for Strings”, & Bruckner’s 4th Symphony –

Introducing Allyson Pong Ying

Continuing with Ady’s Violin Week, it gave us great pleasure earlier this year to announce Allyson Pong Ying as our Principal 2nd Violin for our 2023 projects. Allyson has been involved with Ady for several years, including the ensemble’s 2021 recording of Brahms’ 2nd Symphony , & we’re delighted to have Allyson become one of

All Trumpet positions now filled for Project 1!

We’re excited to announce that all of our trumpet positions for, “New but old. Old but new” have now been filled, as have all or our brass, woodwind & percussion positions for this project. Wow! But we are still taking registrations for strings to join this project, & all sections are still available for our

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