Ady Ensemble December recording session: violas, cellos, and basses welcome!

The Ady Ensemble is currently in the middle of preparations for a recording session, to be held in December of this year, recording a concert version of Corrina Bonshek’s, “Song for the Earth”, premiered as part of the Commonwealth Games arts activities earlier this year.

We’re recruiting! The Ady Ensemble welcomes you to join us

The Ady Ensemble is currently planing & preparing numerous projects for later this year & 2019. We are currently seeking keen, interested, talented, well-organised people with good communication skills to fill our rank & file role, & seeking expressions of interest in some of our Principal & Associate Principal roles, along with volunteers to help

Something from last year’s Queensland Composers concert

From this time last year: conducting &, more importantly, performing as iBone (iPhone) soloist with the Ady Ensemble for “Queensland Composers”, held at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. #conductor #conducting #orchestra #stringorchestra #iphone #adrianhead #adyensemble #polyestergirl #regurgitator #ibone #queenslandcomposers #queenslandconservatorium #qcm #queenslandconservatoriumofmusic A post shared by Adrian Head Conductor (@adrianhead72) on Jul 6, 2018

Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings

Here’s something from one of our performances in 2016: the First Movement of Tchaikovsky’s wonderful Serenade for Strings. We’ll be going through the vault later this year, as we look back at some of Ady’s performances, whilst we plan for 2019. More to come.

Something to help see out 2017

With 2017 coming to an end in the next couple days, we thought that we might share the excitement of bringing in the New Year with some cheese, freshly grated from our performance earlier this year at the Queensland Con. The English translation of the title is all you need to know. Stay tuned, as

Thank you

We’d just like to thank everyone that recently submitted and expression of interest to be a volunteer or performer for our planned, “Brahms 2018”, project. We’ve had a wonderful response, and are currently processing the applications, and will be making a decision about the project shortly. In the meantime, all of us here at Ady

Brahms 2018

  More coming soon.

Ady in 2018

Ady is planning something larger for one of its projects next year. We’ll be looking soon for woodwind, brass, and percussion players, along with our usual wonderful bunch of string players.  There’s also a chance that we’ll be looking for volunteers to help support the ensemble for this project. Once we have more details about

A little bit of silliness from the other week.

We resuscitated one of our earliest (& cheesiest) arrangements the other week, as part of our performance at the Queensland Con.: Le Grande Fromage performing on his iPhone his arrangement of Regurgitator’s 90’s classic hit, “Polyester Girl”. We enjoyed performing this arrangement once more, and we hope that you enjoy it, too.

Some more from Queensland Composers

It was a pleasure for all of us to revisit some of the works that are part of the unique repertoire that Ady has assembled over its seven year lifespan. Here’s another work that we cherished returning to: Corrina Bonshek’s, “Journey to the Centre”. Our thanks again to Corrina for writing us such a wonderful

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