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A little bit of silliness from the other week.

We resuscitated one of our earliest (& cheesiest) arrangements the other week, as part of our performance at the Queensland Con.: Le Grande Fromage performing on his iPhone his arrangement of Regurgitator’s 90’s classic hit, “Polyester Girl”. We enjoyed performing this arrangement once more, and we hope that you enjoy it, too.

Some more from Queensland Composers

It was a pleasure for all of us to revisit some of the works that are part of the unique repertoire that Ady has assembled over its seven year lifespan. Here’s another work that we cherished returning to: Corrina Bonshek’s, “Journey to the Centre”. Our thanks again to Corrina for writing us such a wonderful

A little something from Queensland Composers

Did you miss out of coming to “Queensland Composers” last week? Well here’s a little something from our performance. Stay tuned as we’ll put showing more highlights from this great concert.

Thank you for coming to Queensland Composers

  A big thank you to everyone who came to watch us last Wednesday, at the Queensland Conservatorium, for “Queensland Composers”. It was a lot of fun for us to revisit all of these wonderful works that had been written for Ady, and which brought back so many great memories from the ensemble’s seven years

Queensland Composers: who is Rachel Merton?

The Ady Ensemble’s next concert is just a couple of months away, and we thought that we’d introduce some of our featured composers for this performance. Rachel Merton first came in contact with the Ady Ensemble in 2014, and over a cup of coffee and French pastry with Le Grande Fromage a plan and schedule

Calling all Celli!

The Ady Ensemble’s next project, “Queensland Composers“, will be a retrospective for the ensemble, featuring many of the works that have been written for the ensemble over the last seven years. All of the pieces, written by local composers, are uniquely beautiful and extremely listenable. To complete our ensemble for this exciting performance, we’re looking

Next Concert: Queensland Composers

The Ady Ensemble has proudly supported local composers and performers over the last seven years. As a tribute, it gives us great pleasure to be performing some of the works that have been written for us over this time by some of our local composers; each composer bringing their different backgrounds and approaches to composition to each piece.

Christmas to New Year’s playlist No.10: Corrina Bonshek’s Journey to the Centre

Happy New Year! We hope that you had an enjoyable New Year’s celebration. With New Year’s Day, 2017, comes our final musical offering, from June, 2016, of the World Premiere of local composer Corrina Bonshek’s “Journey to the Centre” for strings and pre-recorded bird calls. The works soothing sounds may help as you recover from

Christmas to New Year’s playlist No.9: New Year’s eve spookiness

Traditionally the night of horror movies, we bring you our second to last offering as we look back at Ady’s performances over the last six years: an arrangement and elaboration based on Michael Jackson’s 80’s classic, Thriller, penned by the ensemble’s Le Grande Fromage for strings. This work was first performed by the ensemble in

Christmas to New Year’s playlist No.8: Debussy’s Clair de Lune

With only one day remaining of 2016, we are also getting closer to the end of our musical journey, having looked back at some Ady’s performances over the years. This latest offering comes from Ady’s concert in May, 2012, “Ady@ St Andrew’s: Debussy, Glass, wood, metal and other things”: Le Grande Fromage’s arrangement of Debussy’s

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