The Ady Ensemble has two projects planned for 2023

Project 1

New but old. Old but new.

The ensemble will be performing Rachel Merton’s Allegro for Strings, & Bruckner’s 4th Symphony (“Romantic”).


▪Tutti: Sunday, April 16th – 1pm to 4pm

▪Tutti: Sunday, July 2nd – 1pm to 4pm

▪Strings: Monday, July 3rd – 7pm to 9:30pm

▪Winds/Perc: Tuesday, July 4th – 7pm to 9:30pm

▪Tutti: Sunday, July 9th – 1pm to 4pm

▪Tutti: Friday, July 14th – 7pm – 9:30pm

Concert: Sunday, July 16th – 2pm to 4pm

Project Two


▪Tutti: Sunday, September 24th – 1pm to 4pm

▪Tutti: Sunday, November 19th – 1pm to 4pm

▪Tutti: Sunday, 10th of December – 1pm to 4pm

▪Strings: Monday, 11th of December – 7pm to 9:30pm

▪Winds/Perc: Tuesday, 12th of December – 7pm to 9:30pm

▪Tutti: Saturday, 16th of December – 1pm to 4pm

Concert/Recording Session: Sunday, December 17th

Program will be confirmed shortly

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