In case you haven’t heard…

…we’ll be holding over the Premiere of Mike Forsyth’s, “An Angel for Max”, at a late date, due to unforeseen circumstances. But don’t despair- we’ll be performing it, with Paula Russell, at one of our other concerts!

Paula will still be joining us for our concert next Saturday, Dreamtime & Disco, as she takes on the role of soprano diva (on the cornet) as we perform Richard Strauss’ sumptuous song, Wiegenlied, in a new arrangement done by our Le Grande Fromage for this concert.

So come along next Saturday, the 10th of May, at 3pm, at St Andrew’s United Church, and join us for works by Elgar, Strauss, CPE Bach, and Lipps (who are they I hear you ask? Have fun on Google!).

See you then!