Next year’s plans are underway

So who are we looking at playing next year?
It will be Peter Sculthorpe’s 85th birthday, so we’re just trawling through his works to see what might suit us. There’s also some works by the wonderful Estonian composer Arvo Part that might foot the bill, along with Michael Tippett, and perhaps even Charles Ives. There’s chat about having another crack at the Philip Glass 3rd Symphony, so if you missed this crystalline work last time then don’t miss out (it could be a while before we do it again).
Mike Forsyth returns to our programme with a work for cornet, strings, and harp. We’ll also be canvassing interest from some more local composers. More about that soon.
2014 will mark the 300th birthday of CPE Bach, who taught us that thumbs are cool and should be encouraged, so we’ll be looking at performing one of his symphonies.
Le Grande Fromage is looking at sketching out several things for the ensemble, ranging from Gyorgi Ligeti to the 14th Century composer, Guillaume de Machaut.
…and yes, there will be some silliness that includes the iBone. We’ll have more information as it comes to hand.

Stay tuned!