Composers and Performers

We’d like to give a big thank you to the following people, who have contributed so much to Ady, and without whom the ensemble would never have happened.

Current Members 

(Concertmaster) Position currently available

(Associate Concertmaster) Position currently available 

(Principal Second Violin) Position currently available 

Sam Andrews (Associate Principal Violin)

Anna Jack (Principal Viola)

Kathryn Fletcher (Associate Principal Viola)

Ngaio Toombes (Principal Violonello)

Naomi Faulkner (Associate Principal Violoncello)

Samuel Dickenson (Principal Double Bass)

Position currently available (Associate Principal Double Bass)


Corrina Bonshek

Lisa Cheney

Angus Davison

Michael Forsyth

Thomas Green

Rachel Merton


Martin Kay (saxophone)

David Kemp (percussion/kit)

David Reicheldt (Cor Anglais)

Paula Russell (cornet)

Melanie Taylor (horn)

Ngaio Toombes (violoncello)

Past Concertmasters

Sam Andrews (2017)

Alison Brown (2016)

Laura Thomson (2013-2016)

Rollin Zao (2013)

Amy Phillips (2012)

Robyn Gray (2012)


Rafael Abraham (violoncello)

Iona Allan (violin)

Clint Allen (trumpet)

Isabella Ambrose (violoncello)

Sam Andrews (violin)

Tim Andrews (violoncello)

Charlotte Ashcroft (violin)

Angela Batch (violoncello)

Cathy Bi (violin)

Lucy Bignall (violin)

Kelly Bird (violin)

Kaitlyn Bowen (violin)

Pat Brearly (viola)

Alison Brown (violin)

Eve Brown (violin)

Murarie Campbell (violin)

Madeline Charles (viola)

Linnie Chen (double bass)

Clare Cooney (violin)

Celine Crellin (violin)

Grace Elliot (double bass)

Naomi Faulkner (violoncello)

Frank Fodor (viola)

Alexandra Frank (violoncello)

Inga Franks (violin)

Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney (violin)

Matthew Gillett (violin)

Carly Glindermann (violin)

Marina Grinham (viola)

Emma Hales (violoncello)

Elisha Harrison (violin)

Kylie Hinde (violin)

Matthew Hoey (violoncello)

Cameron Hough (violin/viola)

Renn Hunt (double bass)

Anna Jack (viola)

Carolyn Jacoby (keyboard)

Kelly Jensen (violin)

Antony Ji (violin)

Rachel Kim (violin)

Tijana Kozarcic (harp)

Tony Lam (violin)

Moira Lambert (viola)

Evalyn Legried (violoncello)

Anthony Licence (viola)

Lydia Lin (viola)

Stephanie Linsdell (violin)

Daniel Lopez (violin)

Amanda Lugton (violin)

Chan Luc (double bass)

Shannon Luk (viola)

Samara Marinelli (viola)

Kathryn McKee (violoncello)

Yvette McKinnon (violin)

Tess McLennan (violin)

Alex McPherson (violoncello)

Anna McPherson (violin)

Anna Moores (violin)

Tom Morison (trumpet)

Eva Mowry Lewis (viola)

Alice Nian (violin)

Braxton Neate (violoncello)

Samuel Nock (double bass)

Neridah Oostenbroek (violin)

Natalie Pammerton (violin)

Josephine Pollicina (violin)

Josephine Price (violin)

Eugenie Puskarz Thomas (violoncello)

Tom Riethmuller (violin)

Joshua Rivory (violoncello)

Genevieve Russell (violin)

Nicole Spargo (double bass)

Eleanor Streatfield (violoncello)

Katryn Strong (double bass)

John Szkutko (tuba)

Cara Taggart (violin)

Nick Thin (violin)

Isabella Thurecht (violin)

Andrew Wadley (organ)

Matilda Watkins (violin)

Flora Wong (violin)

Sunny Yeh (viola)

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