Ady Ensemble performance will include Huvr Boards!

You may have seen Back to the Future 2, where Michael J. Fox was cruising along on a wheel-less skateboard. Well, Huvrtech have turned those floating boards into reality, and earlier this year the boards were released commercially in the US.

It’s with great delight- even relish- that the Ady Ensemble has been able to organise our next concert to feature the Huvr Board in one of our pieces- a first in Australia! 

HUVr Board

Featuring the work of pop sensation Pink- and imitating that artists’ ability to soar over the audiences on a wire during her concerts- our May concert soloist, Paula Russell, will be performing a new arrangement of the diva’s, “We’re Gonna Start a Fight”, whilst riding on a Huvr Board. The Huvr Board is controlled, via Bluetooth, with the new Huvr App for iPhone, which will be controlled but Ady’s Le Grande Fromage. Paula won’t need to control the board as she and the sound of her cornet soar over the audience at our concert in St Andrew’s Uniting Church, on the 10th of May (although it would be pretty cool if she were able to play and control the direction of the Huvr Board at the same time).

To see some cool footage of Paula practising her cornet whilst on a Huvr Board please click here.

Stay tuned!