Cara Taggart, our Associate Principal 2nd Violin

Continuing with Violin Week, we’d like to introduce Cara, on Associate Principal 2nd Violin.

Cara Taggart is an accomplished strings teacher and performer, with a Bachelor of Arts (Music) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Instrumental and Classroom Music), A.Mus.A in Violin & a Master’s of Music majoring instrumental pedagogy.  She has played with the Brisbane Symphony, Redland Sinfonia (formerly Cleveland Symphony Orchestra), & the Orchestra Corda Spiritus of St Andrews – along with augmenting with various orchestras throughout Queensland.

While primarily a violinist, Cara also plays and teaches viola, cello & double bass to a high standard.  Whilst having substantial experience in preparing students for solo & ensemble performances, Cara also has particular expertise in teaching in an ensemble setting, & has a gift for making learning stringed instruments fun, which is evident in her ensembles, even at a beginning level.

As an active member of AUSTA (Australian Strings Association), where Cara is on the committee of the state chapter & is the National Secretary, her long-term involvement with the association has helped her to sustain & further her pedagogical and performance knowledge.  Through her role in AUSTA, she & her students have had the opportunity to work with many presenters, both national & international. 

Cara’s involvement with Ady spans over six years – beginning with her participation in the ensemble’s, “Queensland Composers”, concert at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music back in 2017. Cara was involved with both of Ady’s recordings of Corrina Bonshek’s, “Dreams of the Earth”, in 2018, & Brahms’ 2nd Symphony in 2021. We’re delighted to have Cara as one of our string Principals, & also as one of our support team – being involved with the creation & development of our marketing designs & strategies.

Are you a violinist? We’d love to see you join Cara & the rest of our violin team for our next project, “New but old. Old but new“, where the ensemble will perform Bruckner’s 4th Symphony & Rachel Merton’s, “Allegro for Strings“. To join, just scroll down, or pop over to our Vacancies page, & for more details jump over to our Events page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!