Ady Ensemble welcomed into the official CPE Bach 300th Anniversary Celebrations

Ady Ensemble welcomed into the official CPE Bach 300th Anniversary Celebrations

Over this year, six cities in Germany will be host to a variety of concerts and other events to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of CPE Bach. Although the events in these cities are the main focus of the celebrations, other cities further afield are also being included in the celebrations- from London

Welcome back, Mike!

For our May concert we welcome back Mike Forsyth to the Ady Ensemble. Who? Well, read on to find out. Here at Ady we are always pleased to support new works from local and interstate composers. We’ve performed several of Mike’s works now, and we’re thrilled to be able to perform another of Mike’s works this

The name’s Bach…C.P.E. Bach

So our May concert will include one of the string symphonies of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose 300th birthday anniversary just passed us by earlier this month. So you might be saying to yourself, “is he related to J.S.?” Such a question would have been the other way around in the latter part of the

What’s Tom up to?

Those of you who have been following Ady for some time will be familiar with Tom’s work- especially the Trombone Concerto that he wrote for our ensemble and our Le Grande Fromage, along with his first arrangement for us of Joga in our second concert back in October, 2011- and we’re looking forward to the

More fiddles required!

The Ady Ensemble needs five more violinists for our next concert- Dreamtime & Disco– which is on Saturday, the 10th of May. If you’re a violinist, and are interested in playing with us, then contact us and we’ll give you more details about our rehearsal schedule, etc. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking at the 4MBS brochure…

[Update: the good people at 4MBS have assured us here at the Ady Ensemble that the remaining copies of the brochure will be altered accordingly (will this make the original brochure a collector’s item?), and they’ve already changed our details on their website. Thanks to their wonderful people for all of their help!] …for this

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