If you’re looking at the 4MBS brochure…

[Update: the good people at 4MBS have assured us here at the Ady Ensemble that the remaining copies of the brochure will be altered accordingly (will this make the original brochure a collector’s item?), and they’ve already changed our details on their website. Thanks to their wonderful people for all of their help!]

…for this year’s 4MBS Festival of Classics, you might see that the Adrian Head Ensemble are doing our “Dreamtime & Disco” concert on the 10th of May. Be reassured that this is a typo, and that if you turn up you will definitely see the Ady Ensemble (and with its Le Grande Fromage: Adrian Head).
We’re just looking for a pin now, so that we can pop his head before it gets any bigger 😛

See you in May!