Ady @UQ Lunchtime Concert Series was a great success

Thanks to everyone who came to our concert at the University of Queensland today. The performance was well attended, and was well received by staff, students, and the general public alike. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to allow us to annoy you for an hour. Your support and presence at our concerts means a great deal to all of us.

Both composers, Lisa Cheney and Tom Green, were able to be present on the day, and Reflection and the Trombone Concerto were both enthusiastically received by the audience. It was great to see new music welcomed so openly by the audience.

Of course, the highlight of the concert seems to have been the iBone. We should have been on commission for the massive plug that they got through the vehicle that is the pop classic Polyester Girl.

We’d like to once again thank the School of Music- in particular Thorin Kerr- for inviting us to come out and play. Hopefully we’ll be back next year. And of course, the ensemble can only exist with the commitment of its players, and their skills and energy.

Keep watching, as we will be bringing over the next few months more news of our plans for next year. We’ll be looking again at participating in the 4MBS Festival of Classics, and we believe that the ensemble has a hankering to perform the Philip Glass 3rd Symphony once again. Other composers that we’re looking at performing at are Peter Sculthorpe (in celebration of his 85th birthday), Arvo Part, Mike Forsyth (whose “Skyscape” we performed in May last year), CPE Bach (in celebration of his 300th birthday), and perhaps look at performing Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata.

But in true Ady fashion, it can’t all be serious, so we’ll be looking at our usual bag of unusual items. What silliness do we have exactly in mind?

Not telling- You’ll just have to wait until our next concert. Make sure that you’re there 😛


Stay Tuned!